IC-207 for APRS Digipeater

This is the IC-207 which is used for APRS Digipeather with TNC PK-88j at 20W max output. This tranciever is connected to AEA PK-88j TNC's radio control terminal. This rig had been used in my car.
This is TNC AEA PK-88j for UI decoder/encoder controlled by aprsdigi , xastir software in Linux box. The TNC was broken, but I repair to work fine. Quite good now.
これはTNCのPK-88です。昔パケット無線をやっていたときのものを再利用です。壊れていたのですが、何とか直して今は快調に動作しています。制御はaprsdigi, xastirを今は使っています。
Top view. This rig has no fan. So it is little bit warm.
The rear view. You can see no fan and data connector connected to TNC.
These are IC-207 and FT-7800 placed on the rack. These rigs are controlled by machines so I usually don't touch.